#webleedblue - General Pants Denim


This week I got to work with @General_Pants on their newest Denim Campaign #webleedblue 


I dressed myself in @ksubi s' new Denim drop and a rad Vintage Nike shirt from the storeroom vintage range stocked in GP.




I remembered hearing earlier in the week from a mate that the lake in Melbourne's Westgate park had recently turned pink Due to a natural occurring phenomenon And the right weather conditions.

The lake turns a soft shade of pink due to the high concentration of algae in the water. 


Instantly I imagined an alien image with pink water contrasting the blues in the skies and blues in my new tsubi jeans
I knew I had to capture this shot!



Me and @trentpacephoto got up super early to catch the morning light at the lake at West Gate Park.


Upon arrival to the park we where both a little sceptical on how pink it would actually be.

But it was amazing the water is this beautiful deep shade of pink.

We got this set of images together and are super happy with what we captured!



We hope you enjoy x


all photos by @trentpacephoto

josh-deane gower