The Phuture w// Matthew Stockman

My good friend Matthew Stockman, @adversaryblood just launched his second run of shirts through his clothing line @phuturexxo

Impressively designing and hand printing everything Phuture puts out.
Adapted from Matthews own unique style and his love for the dark, alternative and a desire to put his art out into the world.

Bleeding heavily into the aesthetics is a primary influence of death and heavy metal music merchandise designs. This inspiration drawn from the underground music scene sets the tone and has been translated fittingly into his bold statement prints.

During the shoot, I had the chance to ask Matt a couple of q's!


How long have you been working on Phuture for?

Phuture was released in 2015. I Had my first designs in 2013 but struggled financially and a lack of motivation to do anything about it. I finally released them after returning from Taiwan and my partner giving me the push to get it done.

You design and print all of your products yourself, can you give us some perspective behind your creative process?

I see a lot of brands every day doing exactly the same prints on the same garments for the same crowd. I usually think of a lot of ideas at once then put them together creating a theme and always making sure it's different in some way. I do about 95% on everything. From the design to production to distribution and marketing.

Why and when did you start designing?

I started screenprinting in 2011 And within a few months I created a small run of band shirts for my old death metal band. Once the band spilt up, I knew This is what I needed to express my mind

What inspires your style?

I've always been into dark stuff, anything anti and alot of metal bands styles and merch have always inspired me . And of course Korean and Taiwanesefashion.

Your favourite meal?

Taiwanese beef noodle soup with Bao and a Taiwan beer.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Being able to see the Phuture....

What plans do you have for the future of your brand?

I would like to make Phuture more exclusive by creating semi custom garments and be abit more experimental and personal with clientele.

Excited to see what you continue to put out and where your journey takes you cheers mate!!

You can check out the recent drop here!

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