Stepping into // 2017

Happy New Year Readers, I've finally awoken from my cocoon after a big night celebrating In Melbourne with my friends. I hope everyone had a great night whatever you did. This time of the year is always a strange one for me since I live so far away from most of my family and rarely get to see them, plus I'm working in retail at the moment so this is my busy part of the year however I was actually lucky enough to not have to work Boxing day this year. (Sending my love to all the poor souls who did!)

I'm going to start my first post in 2017 off with a collection of images that I managed to sneak in the last week of the year with Ollie Savage @theolliesavage as Mua and Mark @markstanjo taking the snaps. 

Wearing: Sunglasses: Exuma @calavera                           Men's Roll Neck Jumper @asos                  To Hell And Back Bomber @jacklondon      Dogtooth Cropped Suit Pant @rogerdavid     Campus Black Night Ride @kaptenandson

We originally planned to take some photos on location at this salt flat that Mark had assisted at before, but upon arrival found it to be flooded over due to the recent rains Melbourne has seen. Luckily I've had a couple of locations in mind that I had scouted to shoot some ideas at for some Editorial submissions.


Wearing: Brown Croco Leather @kaptenadnson                            Pour Homme Double Breasted Vintage @YSL                              Burgundy Roll Neck @jacklondon      Skinny Stretch Chino @bensherman   Athletic Half Stripe @happysocks




So making the most of the day we ended up driving around the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne getting as many looks that we could. Super happy with the end result we decided to submit half of the set to a couple of editorials so wish us luck! The remainders I've posted up on here.

Thanks for looking xx 

josh-deane gower