Official Style w// Nic Macris

Nic Macris From @neonmodelmanagement was in town on the weekend.

Me and Super star Photographer @trentpacephoto had to steal Nic away from his busy schedule and sneak in a little shoot. I love Nics' look and was really excited to meet him and work with him on this little project.

Red Leather Jacket and navy chino pant -  @jacklondon_official  Three Striped Short Sleeve T-Shirt -  @dangerfieldclothing  Socks -  @adidasoriginals  Shoes -  @vans  TNT signature

Red Leather Jacket and navy chino pant - @jacklondon_official Three Striped Short Sleeve T-Shirt - @dangerfieldclothing Socks - @adidasoriginals Shoes - @vans TNT signature

JD- what got you into modelling man?

N- I originally did some bits and pieces of modelling as a kid which is pretty funny but then I didn't get into modelling until last year when I was unemployed and didn't want to go back to a normal job so I sent a few photos it to some agencies and got signed to my first agency.


JD- That's awesome man, how long ago was that ?

N- At the beginning of last year and at the same time I was hit up by a friend who was doing photography and he helped me create content to build up my Instagram as well


JD- Do you post lots of content on your Instagram?

Mesh tall tee, Jacket -  @yesterdaysvirgins

Mesh tall tee, Jacket - @yesterdaysvirgins

N- All of the content on my Instagram is my own content or stuff I've created with friends , photographers or photos from work through my agency. I try to mix up my content between all of those sources.

JD- What's your Instagram?

N- @nic_owens

JD- How long have you been represented by an agency?

N- My current agency (Neon Model Management) I've been with for around a year but up until 8 months ago I was living in Brisbane where there was little work( In Fashion) , that's why I made the move to Sydney where my agency is based so things have definitely picked up for me since then


Button up flannel -  @dangerfieldclothing  Camel Suit Pant -  @jacklondon_official  Shirt -  @guess  Shoes-  @Guuci  Flame Aces

Button up flannel - @dangerfieldclothing Camel Suit Pant - @jacklondon_official Shirt - @guess Shoes- @Guuci Flame Aces

JD- Ah nice man, I love Sydney. What's you're idea of a perfect day?

N - I don't think there's enough hours in the day to ever do all the things I like , but a perfect day would probably consist of something productive. Either a shoot or practicing producing followed by hanging out with my friends from Brisbane, probably go to a music festival as lame as that sounds but that's usually when I have the best time


JD- Haha I know what you mean man. I'm the same there's a word for people like us haha... Workaholics

JD- Where do you see yourself in the future

I know it's a pretty crazy thing to think about but do you have a plan?


N- I know right , any days off now I freak out if I'm not doing something productive.

Well hopefully in the near future Ill get to do some travel. I've never been overseas properly and at the same time get involved in the industry overseas so I don't feel like just a tourist the whole time. But when other than that I think I'm just gonna go with the flow within the street wear/fashion industry over the next couple years and then plan from there.

JD- Who's your favourite designer


N- If I had to name a specific designer I would say Raf Simons purely for his ability to do such amazing high fashion work and then create such good streetwear like his colaborations with adidas. But as alot of my influence comes from street/skate culture I focus alot on designers like Max Vanderwoude who is the designer for Supreme & Propergang

Denim jacket -  @levis_anz  Jumper  @stillilluk  Shorts -  @yesterdaysvirgins  Shoes-  @drmartensofficial

Denim jacket - @levis_anz Jumper @stillilluk Shorts - @yesterdaysvirgins Shoes- @drmartensofficial

JD- What do you love about street style?

Windbreaker @ Adidas Etq   Hoodie  @Misbhv

Windbreaker @Adidas Etq  Hoodie @Misbhv

N- Street style to me represents dressing in a way in which you feel most comfortable and natural. Taking influences from your roots and using those in a way to represent yourself. I never dress formal as I feel like that's not who I am or feel comfortable dressing so street style is what comes natural to me


JD- You have a pretty impressive shoe collection. we featured a couple of your kicks in this set. Do you have a favorite shoe?


N- Shoes are the reason why I'm constantly broke haha but to pick a favorite would be hard. I would have to say any collaboration using the Vans old skool they are easily my most worn shoe because its so easy to fit them with any outfit but I definitely prefer flat sole shoes over runners other than that my Gucci flame aces would be a close second.


JD - Hell yeah vans are defs one of old skool skate faves too man!

Cheers man I really can't wait to see what else you put out. Just quickly before you go would you have any statement or words to live by?





N- No worries bro , thanks for interest in my work.

One thing I live by is just do whatever you want when you want , think about the consequences later

All photos by - @trentpacephoto

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