Get 2 know // Mick Maio

Recently me photographer  @trentpacephoto and MUA @missievillamor got together with Aussie male model and influencer @mickmaio  to get 2 know more about him!


Here's what went down!

Wearing @ jacklondon   

Wearing @jacklondon  


Hey mick where did you grow up man?



Hmm good question, I grew up in south east Melbourne suburbs.. had a reasonable life growing up, nothing overly fancy but a good background and potential for growth!

Are you close with your family?



Yeah we're all pretty tight, spend a lot of time with my little brother and sister. Always having a giggle with


Aw rad what do your family think about your modelling? Are their some future Maios' too look out for on the modelling scene soon?

Wearing @  grandmafunk_

Wearing @ grandmafunk_



Haha, they love it. Never really said anything negative about it so I assume they don't have any issues. I don't think so. Can't all be blessed 😬😂


Haha love it, well I'd love to know brother. What got you into the industry?



I honestly can't remember what ticked my switch to get it started. All I remember doing was taking bathroom selfies and sending applications to all the top agencies around the world. Regret it now, but I wouldn't be where I am without doing it haha.



I know it might be hard but Can you think of your favourites moment so far in your career?



My favourite would have to be heading over to la and shooting with Damon baker. I always loved his work and it was a dream to shoot with him. I remember I'd always try and work out how he edited his photos and experiment with them because I loved the shots so much. Then turn around 1 year and I have shots taken and edited by him in LA. It was just a crazy dream


Aw I thought u where Gona say this interview hahaha... 😂 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?



Hhaha this a close second.
Ideally I'd like to really work towards growing my following and being a force in the European/US market.


Cats or dogs?





Would you have Any advice to any guys who want to get into the industry ?



Modelling is the only industry I know of where the ball isn't in your court. You can't work your ass off to put yourself in a huge campaign. At the end of the day you need to work on yourself but understand that brands will have the final say in your career. That being said no stopping you stepping a foot in the door so I'd suggest getting some photos taken and forwarding them to agencies around you.



If the world was to end tomorrow. How would you spend your last day on earth?


I'd spend it with you!



Hahah thanks man 🔥👌 Im sure I'd make a few people jealous 😂

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