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@Diesel is the latest to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon, stepping out in style with their Diesel On Watch range.


Diesel Have done an amazing job in taking inspiration from its distinct design in analog watches to its first Android Wear 2.0 watch.


For myself Features aren’t really the important part of most smartwatches, it’s pretty much always about style. even more so when they’re brought out by fashion brands. .

Android Wear smartwatches lately have been massive, with thick bodies, lugs that extend over wrists, and bezels that emphasize size. The Diesel On Full Guard isn’t a small watch, but the way it has been shaped makes it look sensible on the wrist.



Many of the most desirable analog Diesel watches have a colored, iridescent coating over the crystal, giving it a color-changing, sci-fi look. Diesel has worked hard to add the same look to the On Full Guard, only digitally using custom watch faces. The effect can be added to any of the three Diesel watch faces included, and it looks great. Moving the watch around changes the color on the screen, just like the analog models when the light catches it in a certain way.



The customization doesn’t end there. The hands, face, and movement can be changed and modified, giving the watch a look that’s completely yours. There are also three modes for changing the style of the face depending on the weather, your activity, and keeping your notifications private. For example, dust appears on the face when you haven’t moved around enough. In the near future, Diesel will add an assistant called T-ON-I, which will remind you of calendar appointments, and encourage you to up your step count in a jokey, friendly way.



Super impressed with this watch Diesel!


You can get your own online @diesel

 Or instore In Australia @myer Or @davidjonesstore


All photos by @matthewrobertsphotography

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