Seasons Change

Like most of us Melburnians finding what to wear this time of year is super confusing.

Wearing pants: @ asos  shoes: @ puma  shirt: @jacklondon coat: @ jacklondon

Wearing pants: @asos shoes: @puma shirt: @jacklondon coat: @jacklondon


When the ritual begins of starting the morning feeling like an onion pealing away the layers as the mid day sun heats the city and I’m reduced down to nothing but a shirt and pants.



 Only to have to put everything back on again as the sun sets and the cold south easterly winds chill rips through the city.





Jacket: Vintage find Shirt: @ ralphlauren  Pants & Tie @jacklondon watch: @ nixon  Ring @ tokyohumanexperiments

Jacket: Vintage find Shirt: @ralphlauren Pants & Tie @jacklondon watch: @nixon Ring @tokyohumanexperiments


Personally I’m a fan of the cold.

More layers = more clothes and I LOVE wearing clothes hahaha!




So when that chill comes through you will definitely see a smile on this face

Here’s a couple of looks I put together with photographer @robcorica to hopefully give some inspiration to you winter fearing individuals.

I hope you enjoy x

Long sleeve shirt: @inflation Jeans: @levis Shoes @puma Button up shirt: @jacklondon

Long sleeve shirt: @inflation Jeans: @levis Shoes @puma Button up shirt: @jacklondon

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