Get 2 Know Antoni Topic

Before he jets off to the U S of A


@trentpacephoto and I got into the studio to shoot the Melbourne Model legend @antonitopic


Antoni was rad enough to have a chat after the shoot and answer a couple of Q's for us all x.


JD- Hey man, thanks for taking the time and chatting to me and the Official Style dot com

We would all love to hear more about you my dude!

But firstly how are you brother?

A - My absolute pleasure Joshy, thank you for having me brother! I'm super well my man, just getting ready to jetset off to LALA land, cant wait!


JD - What are you doing over there man?

A - I'm off to pursue my human mannequin career in the US of A & if i get some free time I'd love to work on my boxing network with some of biggest and best down there


JD - That's amazing man! Have you been there before ?

A - Thanks legend! Yeah I have back in 2015 for the first time actually, had a taste of it and dreamt of going back there. Had an unbelievable first experience!

JD-Did you go over there for a holiday or for work?

A - I went originally for my friend Lester to help him rehearse his lines for pilot season up in LA & then landed a deal with Wilhemina models after I did a grammy fashion presentation on KTLA TV with my now good friend Ashton Michael


JD - Man that sounds amazing no wonder you want to go back!


A - Yeah man, got some spiritual vibes down there! Haha



JD - So it sounds like it all kinda happened organically for you. how long did it take you to get overseas to work as a model?


A - After I got those vibes from the industry I went straight to Europe to work on my portfolio & to meet my new agencies


JD - that's rad man you're so productive! During the shoot I remember you mentioning that your family are from Europe, could you tell us more?


A - Yeppers! My family is originally from Split in Croatia. We moved from Croatia to Norway and from Norway finally found home in Australia in the 80's. Great move by the grandpa!


JD - Oh amazing did you also move country with them or is this before your time?


A - This was before I popped out haha



JD - So what actually got you into modelling in the first place than man?


A - I was thinking about retiring from playing soccer while i was overseas . My brother Lester was doing well with acting at that point & my other bro Aaron was directing films.

They said I should get into modelling. Naturally i thought they were taking the piss out of me but nope they were actually serious...


I then did a photoshoot with @mikeywhytephoto & sent those images to @gregtyshing while i was over in LA.

I just remember Greg sending me back an email with a contract & said Paul Nelson @ Wilhemina Models LA would love to see you tomorrow. I felt like I finally got a second chance in this life!


A - Before even going to Mikey Whytes photoshoot Lester and Aaron would work with me on camera. Stressing how important it is to be natural and to completely forget that the camera is there. Ill never forget when i went through a period watching the all time great actors and three models David Gandy, Sean OPry & Stephen James and thought yep they know their shit haha


JD - Mental dude and how long ago did you shoot with mikey And got it all rolling on this roller coaster?

A - Ahh I think it was at the end of 2014 a month before i left for LA


JD -Do you have a job that you've done that comes to mind that you wanna tell us about?

It doesn't have to be a positive or negative experience just a job you've done that really stood out as a perspective change.


A - One job that really did change my perspective on things was when i was living in England for work & my booker sent me over an E Com job for Boohoo. It was my first ever job as a model & with a brand ive heard of before i went there! I had to pinch myself and really think shieeettt, anything is possible for this kid Western Suburbs boy haha


A - I literally went over to work on the European folio, getting a client wasnt really on the agenda!!!


JD - By the looks of things taking such big steps in following your dreams seems to pay off for you man


A - Thanks my man, yeah my OCD travels into my career paths unfortunantely haha I get addicted to things quick


JD - Do you have any other dreams or passions outside of the fashion industry


A - I do boss! My other secret love is the boxing game, I grew up with the Ellis' where boxing runs in the veins and adopted the deep passion for the sport! I sometimes wish I didn't continue with soccer so I could've been a boxer...!



A - Myself and the boys from the family started a boxing events company called Team Ellis which still goes strong to this day (& by the way its always a pleasure having you there on a Saturday night!) I feel very blessed that I have never had to have a full-time job doing something i hate and could continue make a living from something completely outside of modelling.

It's nice having a business outside of fashion and lately I've been seeing both industries work together to make magic.

Couldn't be happier to be apart of two of the best industries in the world - entertainment and sport im a happy man!


JD - What's your idea of a perfect day?


A - Oooo thats a tough one


JD - I know hahah Think about it like your last day on earth, how would you start it?


A - By the way ive done this many times before haha its Friday morning & Ive cancelled anything i had going that day, told the mates that I've booked a place down the coast for the next 3 days & literaly relaxed down at the beach til Monday. 1 day is a house party and 2 days are for chilling the fuck out!



JD Haha party so hard you need 2 days to recover. love it!! Thanks so much for sharing with us brother best of luck on your travels until next time!




All photos taken by @trentpacephoto style and direction by @joshdeaneofficial

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