Get 2 know Reagan Buckley

Me and @trentpacephoto recently got into the studio to shoot new talent @reagan.buckley for @coitusmagazine we hope you enjoy :P !


Scarf - @chanel pants @dkny socks @subtype store shoes @gourmet  

Scarf - @chanel pants @dkny socks @subtype store shoes @gourmet  

Jd- Hey Man, I'd love to know were where you born?

R- I was born and raised in Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs

Jd- So you've lived in Melbourne your entire life??


R - Yeah, entire life. I'd love to live abroad and plan to at some point, but Melbourne will always be home

Jd - Where would you go


R - I've spent a couple summers running around Europe and could definitely see myself living somewhere there. Somewhere warmer haha

Jd - Yeah right it's actually been so cold in Melbourne this winter! I'm really missing the beach in Queensland.

Jacket @princess highway  

Jacket @princess highway  

Jd - Do you surf or skate or play any sports??

R - Tell me about it... wearing two jackets right now.

I surf a bit but not enough as I'd like to. I do a bit of boxing and like to keep fit but tend to get bored quickly if I don't change it up


Jd - What inspired you to start modelling?

R - I was actually just in the right place at the right time. I was at a festival and snuck into the VIP and ended up meeting some cool people. One was a model and helped me out big time setting me up with his agency. Next thing I was doing shoots and meeting clients. I really like when things happen organically like that

Jd - Yeah I feel ya man, what agency are you currently represented by ?


R - I'm signed with FiveTwenty

Jd - They're based in Sydney yeah?

R - Yeah based in Sydney, it's been a lot of fun going up there regularly

Jd - You mentioned during the shoot your dad was a model ?? Can you please tell me more!!


R - Hahaha yeah Dad was like a fucking rockstar in the 60's. Did a lot of work on tv and modelling too. It sucks knowing your dad was cooler than you...

Jd - I assure you the coolness didn't stop with him haha Do you get along with your family ?


R - Yeah I've got an older brother and a younger sister too. We're all pretty tight

Jd - Where do you see yourself in 5 years


R - To be honest I don't really care where I am or what I'm as long as I'm having fun doing it

Jd - What's your favourite meal?

R - Definitely love a bowl of pho

Jd - What's your favourite song right now and all time?


R - Damn such a hard question... Favourite at the moment is probably 1996 by The Wombats. Favourite of all time is basically anything by MGMT, with a special mention to My Happiness by Powder Finger and The City by The 1975


Jd - Your favourite brand/designer ?

R - I don't really have a favourite designer or brand. Most of my clothes are just random pieces I've picked up in vintage stores

Jd - And what's your idea of a perfect day

R - My perfect days have to be those hot summer ones spent road tripping along a coast somewhere


You can follow Reagan Buckley on Instagram @reagan.buckley

All photos by @trentpacephoto

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