Pseudo//Crashing Sydney Fashion Week


This past weekend I travelled to Sydney Australia to work with Joshua Mullane for the launch of his label " Pseudo"

With Stylist @ champagnefabulous

With Stylist @champagnefabulous

Launching in protest of the current system with fellow Models including Kyle Sanderland’s girlfriend, Imogen Anthony, Gemma Cowling, Jessica Vander Leahy and a number of Instagram influencers.

Joshuas' 'collection is about rebellion. With It's beautifully chic blend of rock and roll and androgyny,”




Mullane explains in a press release. "I collaborated with artists like Anthony Lister, Jodee Knowles and Tanè Andrews to highlight PSEUDO's strong connection between fashion and art."

The amazing team  @edwardsandco

The amazing team @edwardsandco

"When asked about the rebellious debut format, Mullane said, "Obviously a fashion show is about creating hype for your brand but this was also a protest. [Sunday] was a statement about emerging artists in Australia who don't have easy access to showcase their talent. To get a spot at fashion is extremely expensive and a lot of great talent and art is lost. It's a shame and doing this today was about disrupting that system."


Rest assured, Mullane sounds intent on making this the first of multiple disruptions.

With Rhys  @ anuspresley

With Rhys  @anuspresley

Here's a little peak behind the scenes into my day.


My Villain look:

Make Up @samanthaleemua  @meganeverettmakeup

Boots @theshoesofevrt 

Jewllery @sophiethoerner 

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