G-Schock 35th Anniversary photogprahed by Piers Fitton

The Official Style recently collaborated with Casio and G-Shock to celebrate Gshock’s 35th Anniversary.


Casio announced the release of BIG BANG BLACK to celebrate the 35th anniversary of itsG-SHOCKbrand.



The collection consists of five G-SHOCK models featured in matte black. The matte finish was achieved using technology that incorporates particles into the paint, creating a flat black finish that seems to absorb light, evoking the emptiness of the universe. Bright gold contrasts the black matte, which attributes to the theme by harkening to the Big Bang.




 To commemorate the anniversary, Casio looks to the origin of the brand by including the phrase “SINCE 1983” on the dials, along with special packaging created to enhance the collection.


G-SHOCK began when a Casio engineer attempted to develop a watch that was virtually unbreakable to discredit the fact that wrist watches were always so easy to break. The first G-SHOCK model with a shock-resistant structure was released in 1983. More info can be found on the official 35th-anniversary site.


For your chance to win your own watch.

G-Shock will be giving away 2 tickets in their G-Factory in Myer Sydney as well as G-Factory in Myer Melbourne.


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