Queensland to Melbourne, hair dressing to modelling, we caught up with Australian tattooed fashion model Josh Deane and talked about his humble beginnings, finding self love and style inspo.


Why did you decide to start your fashion blog, The Official Style?

I created theofficialstyle.com because working as a model gave me the confidence that I needed to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to empower others, to make them feel the way I felt when I was dressed by a stylist for the first time – it was a shock to see myself in a new light at a time when I didn’t really like my physical self that much at all. It rippled like a wave inside and changed my entire world to have these beautiful creative souls plant that seed telling me that I was like them, that I was better then what I thought I was. It made me want to better myself and now I can share that love.


What do you love about Steen’s artwork?

I’ve been captivated watching Steen evolve as an artist over many years. He’s always had a way of creating a statement through his line work and bold colouring. Traditional classic Americana at its best!


What inspires your style and aesthetic?

I love to get dressed for an occasion. If I step one foot out of my house without planning my outfit it’s going to be a bad day, haha. I love clean lines and military shapes.

Do you have any advice for emerging models and bloggers?

Do and say what you love, don’t do and say what you think others might love.

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