Collection Of Styling :// 2016


Alright so I'm going to start posting more of my own styling work with models this coming year! 

BRING ON 2017!




I've spent most of this year travelling around without access to a computer and lost most of my photos when my phone was pick pocketed overseas mid year (note to self to use the cloud!!!) 


I had a little bit of a dig around and found some images that i have styled, hair and some directon.

I've been so blessed to work with some amazing talented individuals this year. If i've ever needed some creative motivation i really haven't had to look far. its easy to be inspired when you're constantly surrounded by people who drive you!

 I cannot wait to see who will enter my life in 2017 and to get deep into some more projects I've been planing out.

Hopefully the best is yet to come x








josh-deane gower