Movement: With Mark Stanjo



I'd been wanting to shoot with Mark Stanjo (@markstanjo on Instagram) for a long time; luckily enough we finally managed to line up our schedules to get together and shoot our first set! Unfortunately, the weather conditions were less than ideal that day and I remember it being close 40°C outside, so we tried to get our best to get as many shots out as we could before the sun cooked us to death!


I've been looking around for some decent light weight military styled boots for quite some time and also the fact that my current boots soles were falling off. I don't really like the idea of purchasing cheap Leather goods that are just going to fall apart. In a way I kind of find it disrespectful to the animal.(I mean if I was killed for profit I'd at least like to be turned into an expensive well-made bag or something.)
Managing to sneak some pennies, I jumped online and eventually came across the Diesel “ Hardkor Steel Lace-up Boots” from a second-hand seller's dead stock, Sold by the price and the light-weight rubber sole!

As fortune would have it, just as Mark rocked up to my place for the shoot, my boots did too!! 😆 Inspired by my postman’s impeccable timing, I found it impossible not to work from the feet up and style this set of photos around them. I also incorporated pieces from the ‘Official Wardrobe’ alongside.



Military Pants:  Grand Scheme 

Shorts:  Roger David 

Boots:   Diesel

Jacket:  Vintage Military from "Crystal Castles" 

Cut Off Over Shirt:  The Critical Slide Society 

Watch:  Uncle Jack

All photos:  by Mark Stanjo (@markstanjo)

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