Forged from the inner depths of his consciousness, Mathew Stockman (@adversaryblood) brings forth unto us his newest line of dystopian textile creations.


This isn’t just a collection of clothing. It’s a statement, it’s “A Deposition Of This Sphere”

Personally I’m a massive fan of everything Mathew has put out in the past and found out what the edge of my seat was made for while I waited for him to release this newest statement.

“Earth Expired”

And, I have to say, I have not been let down.

This statement is like swallowing a pill and waking up in my youth, it takes me back to the angst I felt on the regular morning bus commute to School. Where I would induce myself to utter eardrum decimation with the heaviest sludgiest death metal and grind core I could find on MySpace.

Those days are long gone now but that young teen is still fight dancing and circle pitting inside of me. Luckily for him we have someone like Mathew making sure that this memory doesn’t fade away.

I met up wit Mathew as he explained were he draws his inspiration, the future of humanity and more.

Do you have an idea behind the clothing line?

Yeah pretty much the name says it all, like the first promo vid I released with the Forrest’s burning, End of the world.This planets is expired, humanity has ruined it.

You’ve had a couple of other ventures in the textile space before the creation of Earth Expired, how come you decided to start a new one?

Like the last of the Phuture stuff I was trying to get that message across.

Like dystopian future etc

Do you think that this is something that is happening? Is this your way of promoting the impacts us(humans) have had on the environment and the world around us?

Big time not just the environment.

The social impact, media and religion Etc

It more simple yet more to the point.

Do you think it’s more reflective for people living in a city to have more these feelings and a general understanding towards the impact we’re having on the environment as opposed to those who live in a more isolated area etc?


Yes and no. Like no where is really safe from anything anymore

Even if you are isolated you are affected somehow.


I feel this is just Phutures’ concept continued but under a more meaningful name.

Also I felt Phuture was getting way to cluttered and I was trying to put way to much into my designs

It’s like I have stripped it back and spent a lot more hours on layout and composition to make my designs more contemporary.


I have also removed ordering from my online store and purchasing is only available through direct messaging on Instagram.

As there is a very limited amount of each item each sale it abit more intimate and personal as I am communicating with the customer one on one building a relationship with each one.

Another thing in Earthxpired is giving out free foldable totes with orders to solve the no plastic bag problem

The changeable valcro patches come with bags

Metal logo slides

All my own idea.

I would say 90% of the Earthxpired customers are repeat customers from Phuture.

Did you grow up in the metal scene?

I used to listen to a lot of skate punk and hardcore in the 90’s then I suppose it got heavier from there. I was the vocalist in one of the original New Zealand deathcore bands in the mid 2000’s.

It was then when I was able to express my point of view. I suppose this is my way of continuing my thoughts and my creativity.

Do you think playing in bands and actually being into metal and the subcultures makes it easier to “know what’s cool?”


For the fashion side of things I don’t really take inspiration from anywhere anymore. I mean I am constantly visiting Asia where in the past I have drawn inspiration but but now I suppose I’m keeping it kinda simple and recreating things I have done before with a more personal and meaningful outlook. Things I know look good! Things I wear daily. I never focus on what will sell. I don’t see the point in creating things just anyone would wear

I’m not creating items that say internet slang and memes. Like “dope supply co est 2019” . To me that is pointless temporary shit.

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All photos and video by @jbhart_

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